Big in Ag: 99 million corn acres?

  • 01

    It's been a week of looking ahead to this year's row crop sizes, yield prospects and resulting price outlooks. And, there's some growing optimism in the livestock sector. They're just a couple of topics big in ag this week.

  • 02

    Farmers are expected to plant 99 million acres of corn this year. If the drought doesn't inflict too much damage, that could yield a record crop. But at this point, that's a big "if."

  • 05

    Jim Rogers is a "permabull" when it comes to the commodities and other investments. He said late last week he's high on farmland prices surging for the next few years, but there are a lot of factors lining up that could affect the longer-term direction of the market.

  • 06

    In the nearer term, the procrastinators on the farm got good news this week when lawmakers announced the IRS has moved the tax filing deadline from March 1 to April 15, good news for farmers whose paperwork may not be ready by the earlier date.

  • 07

    There also could be some changes coming to federal crop insurance. In an exclusive interview with specialist Art Barnaby,'s Dan Looker learned some of the ways crop insurance may change in the near future.

  • 08

    That could be a tough pill for the ag sector to swallow, though; after this year's drought (that's far from over), the crop insurance industry's paid out record sums to corn and soybean farmers whose crops fried in the field last year.

  • 09

    In other policy action -- or rather, inaction -- the farm bill's been shelved for the time-being, and that's got some farmers wondering what their industry will be like without a farm bill passed. "Would you prosper? Would you manage differently?" asks one farmer.

Outlooks for major crop plantings this spring and a return to livestock profitability are big in ag this week.

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