Big in Ag: Crops crash left & right

  • 01

    The last week's seen crops withering in the face of persisting hot, dry conditions. That's sent the markets trending higher. It's been the dominant story of the week in agriculture. See what else is going on around farm country.

  • 02

    It's been a rough week -- many say the roughest week -- of the crop year, with rocketing temperatures and a lack of rainfall stressing corn and soybeans and, some say, pushing yield potential sharply lower.

  • 03

    The tough crop conditions lately have caused many to question whether USDA's latest crop data is in fact accurate. That may all be changing as the federal government's starting to look at changing crop forecasting field procedures. Here's some in-depth analysis on the potential changes.

  • 04

    The weather's not the only thing stressing crops lately. Several soybean diseases -- like sudden death syndrome and other stem and root rots -- are starting to come on strong in parts of the Corn Belt. Can they be controlled at this point in the season?

  • 05

    There's also a growing stressor in parts of the Midwest for the corn crop. A couple of pockets of potential corn rootworm Bt-resistance have been discovered in northeastern Illinois, and if it's confirmed, it could have some major implications for farmers' crop management and rotation strategies.

  • 06

    The heat's pressuring not just the crops, but also the hog sector. Profitability and expansion plans are coming along slower than expected earlier this summer, and though the business is still in the black, continued crop stress -- and its resulting effects on hog feed costs -- could continue to push back hog herd growth.

  • 07

    Turning to the cattle business, keeping ahold of cost-effective feed supplies is just as tough. But, one specialist said recently that trimming back some feed supplies in favor of more grazing could have long-term positive implications for your herd. Find out how.

  • 08

    Turning to another hot topic lately -- the farmland market -- information released this week shows Illinois land prices are following other Corn Belt states where values have been reported recently. Values are still trending higher, but the climb is leveling off. What factors are behind the shift?

  • 09

    There's been a lot of talk lately about the CME Group's expanded trading hours and whether or not they're fueling more trade volatility. A new report reveals what's behind the volatility spike and what's not. How has it all changed your trading habits?

The heat is on, the crops are wavering and the markets are soaring.

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