Big in ag: Drought's many angles

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    If you ask USDA, crop conditions are stable. But, if you ask farmers who are starting to think more about harvest, things are anything but stable in the field. See more on this and the other big stories in agriculture this week.

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    Despite the stabilization in corn and soybean conditions shown in Monday's USDA Crop Progress report, one weather-watcher says the recent decline in temperatures and improved rainfall amounts here and there are likely 'too little, too late.'

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    What kinds of yields are you seeing and hearing about? One of the latest reports in the 2012 'Yield Monitor' shows a central Illinois field just yielded 60 bushels/acre corn where just 3 years ago, the crop made just over 200 bushels/acre.

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    How large -- or small -- will the corn and soybean crops end up? Will corn dip below the 10-billion-bushel mark? How about soybeans? There's a wide range of opinions here. What do you think?

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    Yield reports like these have the marketplace looking skyward; one analysis this week shows $10/bushel is the next price point that corn prices could realistically reach in the next few weeks.

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    So, are prices like these enticing you to sell, or are you "filling bins?" That's a hot topic this week in Marketing Talk: "This is the perfect time for an ace-in-the-hole, assuming your other obligations are taken care of," says one Marketing Talk advisor. What do you think?

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    The drought is starting to manifest itself in many different new ways. Now, it has concerns growing about the movement of grain and ag inputs like fertilizer on the Mississippi River system, which is in some spots at its lowest levels in decades.

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    There are also going to be a lot more crop insurance claims filed this year than normal. But, what if you flexible cash rent your ground? That question's been asked a lot this summer, one expert says. So, what's the answer? Find out here.

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  • 09

    Harvest is also going to be a lot different this fall. Both corn and soybean crops will pose unique challenges to farmers when they fire up the combine. See how you can stay ahead of the curve, get your crop harvested and keep your machinery running smoothly this fall.

  • 10

    In the most severe cases, harvesting in a drought year can create sometimes life-endangering situations in the field, namely through fire. Get some tips and ideas on how to minimize the fire danger in your fields this fall.

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