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California has sufficient pork supply, says state agency

Some hog farmers plan to expand their operations with Proposition 12 in effect, said California agriculture officials in the “Planting Seeds” blog as the voter-approved law took effect over the weekend.

“Additionally, we believe there is sufficient product already in the supply chain to carry through for a number of months.”

In the blog, the California state Department of Food and Agriculture said at least two more steps must be completed before regulations for Prop 12 become final. The CDFA is reviewing public comments on the proposed rules at present.

“As we head into 2022, we have had many discussions with pork producers who are planning not only to be compliant, but to expand their operations,” said the blog. Prop 12 requires farmers to provide at least 24 square feet of space for breeding pigs.

Opponents say Prop 12 is unduly onerous and could result in a meat shortage because it bars the sale of pork produced in other states if they do not match California’s standards.

The Supreme Court could decide this week whether to hear a challenge to Prop 12 by two farm groups.

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