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Chlorpyrifos products eligible for returns

Corteva Agriscience and Adama U.S. have been given permission by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to accept returns of chlorpyrifos insecticide products from farmers across the country. This comes after the EPA canceled food and feed tolerances for chlorpyrifos in the United States. 

Because of the lack of tolerance for any residue of the pesticide legally allowed on or in agricultural commodities along with processed food, chlorpyrifos has not been legally used on food or feed crops. The nationwide expiration date for these tolerances was Feb. 28, 2022. 

“Due to the late-season timing of the revocation announcement, many stocks of unusable chlorpyrifos remain in the supply chain,” North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “I applaud Corteva and Adama for their correspondence with the EPA to take back the unusable product.”

The EPA’s evaluation of chlorpyrifos found that they could exceed the safe limit for exposure and could cause adverse side effects to people. 

Those wanting to return their Adama or Corteva chlorpyrifos products are encouraged to contact their respective distributor or retailer. Contacting Corteva customer service by June 23, 2023, will put customers in the summer wave of collections or Sept. 22, 2023, for the fall collection period. For those with other chlorpyrifos products that have no discernible uses, you can continue to store them safely until noted. 

Contact your dealers or local co-ops with any questions or advice for products in need of disposal.

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