Combines Roll, Markets Struggle; Pork Powerhouses Surge

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    Corn and soybean harvest progress reached the double digits, progress percentage-wise, this week, and despite some fairly bullish soybean data from USDA, the markets continue to slump. See what else you should know in ag this week right here!

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    "Harvest yields have been impressive thus far, with corn at 12% harvested and soybeans 10% harvested as of 9/29, with yields so far exceeding expectations of even a record-shattering crop. It's hard to find corn yielding less than 200 bushels/acre, and also hard to find soybeans yielding less than 50 bu/acre," market analyst Ray Grabanski said this week. Is that accurate on your farm?

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    Tuesday's Quarterly Grain Stocks report from USDA showed a lot fewer soybeans on hand in the U.S. than the trade expected. It did give that pit a minor jolt, but attention quickly turned back to harvest progress and continued positive yield reports.

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    The harvest progress was brisk earlier in the week, but rainfall moving through the Midwest brought that progress to a halt in many parts of the region. Meanwhile, frost is expected to nip the northern reaches of the Corn Belt.

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    Are these markets completely without upside potential? Longtime market analyst Roy Smith says his 'Dead Cat Bounce' could be slipping onto the soybean market radar very soon. "Be ready to pull the trigger when the time is right," he says.

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    Whether you've yet to get started or you're just waiting out the rain this week, it's not too late to make sure all your ducks are in a row for your harvest machinery, equipment and facilities. Check out these pre-harvest prep tips!

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    A critical part of your harvest readiness -- especially this year, when more grain is expected to be stored on farms -- lies in getting your bins and facilities ready. Get some tips to get things in tip-top shape here.

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    And, as if you weren't busy enough this fall, new information shows the value of a fall residual herbicide application in some specific field circumstances. "The use of a fall a must if you are trying to control marestail in no-till soybeans," experts said this week.

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    Herbicide's not the only way to get the most bang for your crop buck. But, is cutting back on Bt seed corn one way to get that done? There are a lot of considerations for potentially cutting Bt seed -- and its cost -- from your crop inputs, namely what your rootworm potential is for next year.

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    2014 marks the 20th year for the annual Pork Powerhouses report in Successful Farming magazine and on! This year shows some major gains for the biggest farms in the U.S. and Canada. See what's behind the jump and look ahead in this year's report!

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    Abroad, grain losses continue to mount in Ukraine, where Crimean annexation and the continued potential for war remains on everyone's radar in the region. Though winter's arrival may trim war chances in the near term, it could return next spring "with even bigger ferocity," our correspondent says.

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    Why should you care about issues like what's happening in Ukraine? The grain trade watches global and other macro-level issues and they can definitely influence corn and soybean prices in the U.S. That makes it important to stay on top of big-picture issues like these, one expert says.

Despite rain delays, corn and soybean harvest rolls on as the grain markets slide.

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