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Corteva Agriscience Announces New Seed Strategy

It’s keeping some brand names and combining others.

Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont, is announcing a new U.S. multichannel, multibrand seed strategy. In a company news release, company officials say this strategy will expand access to the company’s genetics, technology, and traits across various agriculture distribution channels including agency, direct, retail, distribution, and licensing. 

Corteva Agriscience will go to market through five regional U.S. corn and soybean seed brands including:

  • Dairyland Seed
  • Hoegemeyer
  • NuTech 
  • Seed Consultants 
  • Terral

Each will have a strengthened and expanded portfolio to serve the brand’s respective customers, say company officials. 

What’s Going Away and What’s Staying

Brodbeck, Curry, Doebler’s, Pfister, and Prairie Brand will be combined with the five regional seed brands. Pioneer will remain the company’s global flagship seed brand with its product portfolio and agency route-to-market approach. 

The U.S. retail channel will be served primarily by Mycogen and Terral. The company will maintain the AgVenture independent network of regional seed companies and will continue to sell cotton seed through its Phytogen brand and alfalfa through Alforex. 

“This strategy will allow us to better serve our customers – both farmers and retail dealers and distributors – with differentiated, broader, and stronger product portfolios,” says Judd O’Connor, vice president, North America, Corteva Agriscience in a company news release.

The DowDuPont merger, which closed in 2017, resulted in more than a U.S. dozen seed brands that sell Corteva Agriscience corn and soybean seed, genetics, or traits. 

“We have some outstanding brands with long histories, good people, and loyal customers, and we intend to honor those legacies,” says Brian Barker, multichannel seed brand leader for Corteva Agriscience in a company news release. “Realigning our multibrand approach was necessary to better focus our product and service offerings to customers.” 

The majority of employees and dealers who supported Brodbeck, Curry, Doebler’s, Pfister, and Prairie Brand will be offered positions or dealerships in the new structure. Popular products from these brands will continue to be available through the regional seed brands. 

“The product portfolios of all our U.S. seed brands will be bolstered by the Corteva Agriscience R&D pipeline and the full capabilities of the future company,” says O’Connor in a company news release. “This means farmers can expect better products, and employees, sales reps, dealers, and distributers can expect increased opportunities for more sustainable growth.”  

DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences will honor program, product, and service obligations for existing seed orders. Customers and distributors should contact their local seed representative or account manager with questions, according to Corteva Agriscience officials. 

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