Crops lagging & mercury rising

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    The heat's cranked up, but the rains have been few and far-between in corn and soybean country this week, and that's fueling more worries about not just whether the crops are going to reach maturity on time this fall, but what they'll look like when they get to that point. It's one of this week's big stories in ag.

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    USDA reported this week the corn crop is especially far behind the normal pace. Though experts say heat -- which picked up this week -- is needed to get the crop closer to the normal pace, rainfall is needed in some spots just as badly.

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    Though the heat and dryness are stressing crops now, it's the prospect of an early frost that could be the biggest robber of yield this fall. But, a new forecast out this week shows there's reason to believe frost will come at the normal time or later this fall.

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    Despite the growing stress on the corn and soybean crops out there, one analyst is bullish on soybean yields heading toward September. "This crop is looking record large, and the market is trading another drought! We recommend soybean puts to anyone who likes a good investment," says analyst Ray Grabanski. Do you agree or disagree?

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    The heat and dryness isn't just affecting crops; a mostly mild summer up until now has been fairly easy on cattle. That's changing as the heat cranks up, making it important for producers to remember ways they can ease heat stress on their herds.

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    "For corn, hedging now will not reduce downside revenue risks, particularly for farmers who purchased crop revenue insurance at high coverage levels and have yield expectations near or below the TA-APH yield," writes one economist this week. "In these cases, motives other than risk reduction would motivate hedging. More downside revenue risks exist in soybeans."

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    Crop insurance is just one factor weighing on profit potential heading into harvest. "Recent developments suggest that new-crop corn prices may have established a low before harvest. At least the extreme lows that have been reflected in some private forecasts now seem unlikely," says another analyst this week. See how some factors are shaping up.

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    It may seem like it's still a ways off, but harvest will be here soon. Is your combine ready to roll? Check out these features on ways to boost both your machine's speed and efficiency to get the most of your time and energy in the field this fall.

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    Have you had a chance to flip through your August issue of Successful Farming? In case you haven't, flip through this slideshow, where you can find the latest major features, including the latest from Top Shops, Beef Insider, Your Profit and more!

Crop yield potential concerns are rising as Corn Belt temps climb. See what else is big in ag this week.

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