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E15 will power NASCAR

The ethanol industry scored a public relations coup
Thursday when NASCAR officials announced at their annual awards meeting in Las
Vegas that its 2011 races will be powered by Sunoco Green E15.

It’s a project of the ethanol trade group, Growth Energy
and the National Corn Growers Association and state affiliates. The groups have
formed a new entity, American Ethanol, which will be sponsoring the campaign.

 “NASCAR is literally driving the ethanol industry into
the homes of thousands of people in this country,” Iowa Corn Growers CEO Craig
Floss said Thursday at an event set up to watch the Las Vegas announcement at a
hotel in Des Moines, Iowa.

The internet connection for the webcast from Vegas
failed, but the groups still got their message across to farmers and supporters
of the industry.

Floss told that the green American
Ethanol logo will be very visible at all races.

“You’re going to see it on gas cans. You’re going to see
it all over the track,” he said. The group also plans some television
advertising, he said.

In a statement released by Growth Energy, the group’s
CEO, Tom Buis, said, “There is nothing more American than NASCAR, and there is
no fuel more American than ethanol. This is a perfect partnership. We are so
proud that the bounty which America’s farmers produce throughout the week will
be used in NASCAR racing on Sunday.”  



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