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Evening Edition | Friday, August 26, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about who is buying U.S. farmland, how to handle agricultural challenges in the year ahead, and why the Sheppard Diesel SDG-3 tractor is so rare.

U.S. Farmland

In all, foreign owners control less than 3% of the country’s farmland. 

Canadians represent the biggest share controlling a bit less than a third of the total. Owners from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom hold another third. 

Chinese owners, meanwhile, hold just 0.5% of privately held U.S. farmland. Even expanding the scope to include non-agricultural land, Chinese owners still represent less than 1% of foreign held acres.

Prepare for Farming in 2023

Bryan Doherty, analyst with Total Farm Marketing, writes, "As the summer of 2022 begins to wind down, we’re going to take a big-picture perspective of some of the variables late this year and throughout 2023 that may have a major impact on agriculture throughout the world, as well as add to extreme price volatility."

As 2022 harvest gets underway, the world will likely find that supplies will not measure up to what could have been with better crop weather. 

Northern Hemisphere weather is challenging to crops in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China. None are escaping pockets of poor conditions. The ultimate result is smaller inventories.

The Rare Sheppard Diesel SDG-3 Tractor

Sheppard Diesel SD-3 tractors are few and far between today, but orchard and grove models are essentially unheard of, writes Ryan Roossinck of Tractor Zoom.

They're high-quality tractors, and they set an industry-first: Sheppard Diesels were the first tractors to be built in America and powered entirely by diesel fuel!

Check out the model that is up for auction September 2-3, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. EST.

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