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Evening Edition | Friday, August 5, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about extreme drought in the corn growing states, demand in the markets, and our editor's picks for "Tools of the Year" in Storage.

Drought in the Corn Belt

Editor Natalina Sents Bausch covers the latest Drought Monitor and reports that as August begins, more than 51% of the lower 48 states are suffering from drought.

Of the top 18 corn growing states, D4 exceptional drought has been reported in three – Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska.

In Kansas, more than 7% of the state is experiencing exceptional drought.The D4 area is concentrated in the southwestern part of the state and covers portions of 14 counties including all of Finney and Haskell.

Markets Demand

Bryan Doherty from Total Farm Marketing writes that with the first hint of a change in weather, the corn and soybean markets dropped substantially.

Export sales in recent weeks have all but dried up. Importers likely went to a just-in-time inventory model, anticipating cheaper and plentiful new crop supply available in just weeks.

Their bet is that the U.S. will have a good crop and there is no need to chase higher priced old crop. That could be a risk – and a big one if crop conditions are not near ideal from this point forward.

Tools of the Year: Storage

Our editor selected one tool as an “Editor’s Choice” and other tools as “Recommended” in Storage solutions.

The "Editor's Choice" is the CLC Tech Gear 53-Pocket Lighted Backpack, which has 28 tool, 14 accessory, and 11 multiuse pockets to hold a wealth of tools, parts, and accessories.

Click the article link below to see the list of recommend tools that will help you get the job done on the farm and ranch.

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