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Evening Edition | Friday, July 15, 2022

In this Evening Edition, read about drought and sporadic rainfall, the grain inventory in Ukraine, and a low-hour tractor up for auction this month.

Drought and Soil Moisture

Amid drought in the U.S. West, growers will abandon three of every 10 acres of cotton they planted this spring, estimated the Agriculture Department.

In its monthly WASDE report, the USDA projected a cotton crop of 15.5 million bales, down 1 million bales from its projection in early June and well below the 10-year average of 16.8 million bales.

Still, the United States would be the world’s largest cotton exporter.

Storms in Iowa have been striking smaller areas with higher amounts of rain as the Earth has warmed, which has led to significant disparities in the soil moisture available for crops, according to Justin Glisan, the state climatologist.

Iowa’s average temperatures have warmed about 1.3 degrees since the late 1800s. Between 0.2 and 0.5 degree of that increase has happened in the past decade, and that has led to more available moisture in the air, Glisan said.

Every degree increase results in about 4% more water vapor.

The biologicals space continues to develop and one key area that companies like Corteva are trying to refine is the lifespan of products in the marketplace.

Ryan Ridder, U.S. product manager for biologicals and fungicides at Corteva, says that even with continual shifts in the space, products with the right mode of action can work better for the farmer in herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and more.

One such solution is the Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator, which protects row crops from stressful conditions like drought, heat, excess salinity, and excess sunlight.

Grain in Ukraine

Last week the ProAgro Group, an information and analytical group of companies, held a conference via the internet titled, “What to do with grain? Strategies for grain processing development in war and post-war time.”

After more than 5.5 hours of discussion, that question remained unanswered by industry stakeholders.

Iurii Mykhaylov writes about the discussion, the problems of grain producers and processors, and the proposals of representatives of the bioenergy industry.

8100 John Deere Tractor

Ryan Roossinck from Tractor Zoom writes, "I won't swear to this, but I'm about certain this is the lowest-houred John Deere 8100 left on the planet. If there's one that has fewer hours, I'll bet Deere owns it. With 113 verified hours on the meter, if you want a "new" 8000-series, this is the tractor you're buying."

To read why Roossinck thinks the 8000-series tractors were game-changers and to find out about the auction, click the link below.

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