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Evening Edition | Friday, June 24, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about tractors new and old, drought, and direct to consumer sales from the farm.


The Oliver 1900 was a barnyard bully, says Ryan Roossinck of TractorZoom. It was loud, obnoxious, heavy, and made no apologies for itself.

A couple of these old tractors will be sold at auction outside Fort Dodge, Iowa next week. Read this week’s Interesting Iron column for three things you need to know before operating a tractor with a 2 stroke Detroit Diesel.

In new machinery news, Claas is bringing the Terra Trac friction drive track from its line of combines to the Axion 900 tractor series with the Axion 900 TT. This will be the company's first half-track tractor with full suspension.

Also announced for 2023 was the new Trion 740 combine, a Class 7 machine, designed for small- to mid-size farming operations with a focus on corn and soybean production.


The drought in western Kansas is exceptional. How bad is that? Bad enough to make Jim Sipes wish for weeds. The fifth-generation wheat farmer has been struggling to get enough moisture to raise a full crop in Morton and Stanton counties for several seasons.

After the wheat crop failed this spring, Sipes planted grain sorghum. The blowing sand has cut off his crop in some places. Now Sipes aims to hold on to his soil.
“I hope it rains enough that I get enough weed pressure out there to stop the dirt from blowing,” says Sipes. “It’s going to be a long summer.”

Direct to consumer beef

What beef producer hasn’t dreamed of cutting out the middleman and selling high quality steaks and ground beef directly to consumers?

Andrew Donnell not only dreamed it he took the ultimate step last year and built an on-farm butchering and processing center. Now, there’s no one between him and his customers - no feedlot, no packer, not even a local locker plant.

Read about his journey in the latest article from Gene Johnston.

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