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Evening Edition | Friday, May 27, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about the record U.S. farm exports, cost-share for soil health and water quality practices, and an oddball of a tractor up for auction.

U.S. Farm Exports

The U.S. will export a record $191 billion worth of agricultural products this fiscal year as the world scrambles to replace the corn, wheat, and vegetable oil it would normally get from Russia and Ukraine, said the Agriculture Department on Thursday.

Chuck Abbot reports that this would be the second year in a row of record-high farm exports. High commodity prices and robust demand were driving sales to record levels.

Graham-Bradley Tractor at June Auction

The story of Graham-Bradley tractors starts around 1917 (ish) in the small town of Washington, Indiana, writes Ryan Roossinck of Tractor Zoom.

Roossinck explores the history of this rare oddball of a tractor, which is up for auction on June 7, in this article.

Soil Health and Water Quality

Farmers and landowners can now sign up for state cost-share funds in Iowa.

These funds help farmers adopt soil health and water quality practices, including planting cover crops, transitioning acres to no-till/strip-till soil management or applying a nitrification inhibitor.

The funding is limited to 160 acres per farmer or landowner.

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