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Evening Edition | Friday, September 16, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about the wheat market rebound, new programs that fund regenerative ag practices, and opposition to carbon pipeline surveys in Iowa.

Wheat Market Rebound

Wheat futures charts are indicating a market that has dropped from spring highs, consolidated, and now is in a position to rally, writes Bryan Doherty with Total Farm Marketing.

A rising dollar and improving spring wheat conditions, coupled with grain movement out of Ukraine, all pressured wheat prices.

However, the main driver is Northern Hemisphere crops that will likely not live up to their potential.

Regenerative Ag Programs

American Farmland Trust was awarded a $30 million grant from the USDA to help transition the U.S. beef supply chain to carbon neutral.

The project is designed to improve the production of climate-smart beef through expanding market opportunities such as direct sales through local farmers markets, regional distribution channels, and national and global food companies.

Rural Investment to Protect our Environment (RIPE) has also been awarded a grant for a pilot program by the USDA.

The $80 million grant will fund a three-year pilot program.

RIPE and its partners will help agricultural producers in Arkansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia prove the value of paying farmers and ranchers $100 per acre or animal unit for stewardship practices through carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas reduction, improved soil health, water quality, water conservation, and other environmental services.

ADM and PepsiCo announced an agreement to collaborate on projects that aim to expand regenerative agriculture across their shared North American supply chains.

The long-term agreement will initially enroll corn, soy and wheat farmers across Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska, with the opportunity for future expansion, to increase visibility across the value chain and integrate a range of multi-year farmer-first regenerative agriculture initiatives, including cover crops, reduced tillage, nutrient management, diverse rotations, and responsible pesticide use.

Carbon Pipeline in Iowa

An Iowa law that allows hazardous liquid pipeline companies to access private property for land surveys violates the state’s constitution, several landowners are arguing in state court.

That argument is a response to lawsuits that Navigator CO2 Ventures filed against them last month that claim the landowners have barred the company’s agents from conducting the surveys and, in two instances, threatened them with physical harm.

Three companies are attempting to negotiate with Iowa landowners for paid easements to install the pipelines on their properties. 

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