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Evening Edition | Friday, September 23, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about John Deere battery production, interest rates, and ag tech adoption. Plus, top stories from this week you don't want to miss.

Battery Production

Editor Alex Gray reports on John Deere's investment in Kreisel Electric production facilities to increase battery production capacity. The investment focuses on industrialization and automation of the entire production process.

Learn about the new facility and how the company is answering the call for more efficient battery solutions.

Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates for several months. So have many other countries throughout the world. The rationale is that rising interest rates will curb inflation.

Read about the backdrop to this story of inflation in the article below.

Ag Tech Adoption

Sky-high costs for fertilizer, crop protection products, and labor are increasing the number of U.S. farmers turning to ag tech tools and products, according to a new survey from McKinsey & Company. 

The research surveyed 1,300 U.S. crop farmers, 80% of whom cite input costs as the biggest risk to profitability.

Find out how many farmers plan to use new yield-increase products and "green" products like biofertilizers.

This Week's Top Stories

Iowa Dairy Fined

The owner of a northwest Iowa dairy farm was ordered to pay more than $36,000 for a massive manure release last year that killed nearly 100,000 small fish in Mud Creek and its tributary.

Working With Landlords

As manager and co-owner of Jacob Farms near Sedgwick, Kansas, Ryan Speer oversees operations on 6,000 acres of rented cropland. Working with landowners is central to his responsibilities.

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