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Evening Edition | Friday, September 9, 2022

In Friday's Evening Edition, read about an Iowa hog and crop farmer originally from the Dominican Republic, the story behind an International Harvester 1086, and the carbon storage power in peat bogs.

Dominican Republic Native and Iowa Farmer

Editor Gil Gullickson interviews Katherine Marcano-Bell, who moved with her mother to New York City when she was 11, and now farms with her husband and two sons in Iowa.

“It surprises a lot of people that women are actually involved in agriculture,” she says. “They often are the ones making a lot of the farm decisions. I wear different hats because I’m also a mom and a homemaker, but who doesn’t these days?”

Learn about her journey to Iowa and how her family overcomes the challenges of agriculture today in the link below.

International Harvester 1086

Ryan Roossinck of Tractor Zoom writes about a special IH 1086 that has only been sold twice; once in 1977 and again in 2020.

Roossinck writes, "This week's Interesting Iron is all about why sometimes, it's not about the money — because it's not what matters most."

Find out how Sam Kelley, fourth-generation farmer, fought to the finish at auction to keep his grandpa's workhorse IH 1086 in the family.

Rewetting drained coastal evergreen shrub bogs in the Southeast that were once used for farming could make a small but significant contribution to reducing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, according to a recent study.

“Southern pocosin peatlands punch far above their weight in terms of their capacity for carbon storage. Acre for acre, they can store significantly more carbon than forests or grasslands,” said Curtis J. Richardson, founding director of the Duke University Wetland Center, who led the research — the first to show how rewetting such bogs can change them from emitting carbon to storing it.

In this article, find out how many acres of peatlands could be restored to functioning wetlands and what it will take from landowners to do so.

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