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Evening Edition | Monday, April 18, 2022

In today’s evening edition, catch up on the latest Crop Progress Report data, spread of avian influenza, and signals to watch for in the markets.

Crop Progress Report

The USDA released its third Crop Progress report Monday afternoon, the first report of the year with soybean planting data.

According to the report, corn is planted at 4%, compared with 6% for the previous five-year average. Soybeans are planted at 1%, compared with the previous five-year average of 2%.

Watch the video below for additional data.

Avian Influenza

“High path” (highly pathogenic avian influenza) bird flu has been found in 29 states, from Maine to North Carolina and westward into the Rockies, since outbreaks began in early February.

This year’s outbreaks are the first appearance of HPAI in two years and the worst since the 2014-15 epidemic that killed more than 50 million birds.


Grain Marketing

With high commodity fund participation and the large number of short-term “algo” traders (traders who use computer programs to make super-fast automated trade decisions), the game has changed, writes Al Kluis.

The rapid increase in the U.S. inflation rate will also make it more important to make the right marketing and input purchase decisions.

Click the article below for Kluis’s four signals to watch in the markets.

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