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Evening Edition | Monday, August 1, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, catch up on this week's Crop Progress Report data, read about several farmers' strategies to deal with inflation and supply chain, and prepare for excessive heat in the Corn Belt.

Crop Progress Report

The USDA reports that 26% of the U.S. corn crop has reached the dough stage, compared to the five-year average of 31%.

As of July 31, 80% of corn is silking, slightly behind the five-year average of 85%.

As of Sunday, 79% of the soybean crop has bloomed, on par with the five-year average of 80%.

Inflation and Supply Chain Issues

Shawn Williamson asked several grain farmers how this year’s inflation and supply chain shortages have affected their operations and what they’ve done (and intend to do) in response to the challenges.

Klockenga, who raises corn and soybeans, expects yields and crop prices to be good this year but the bottom line to be lower because of input costs.

“If we can raise a decent crop, we should come out OK, but not as good as last year,” he says.

Excessive Heat in the Corn Belt

The final week of July brought a reprieve from hot weather for most of the Corn Belt. In fact, this was the 11th coolest final week of July, week-ending July 30, in 30+ years for the region, according to WeatherTrends360.

As the calendar transitions to August, there will also be a transition in the weather pattern as hotter weather returns with another heat wave likely.

The first week of August, week-ending August 6, is forecast to be one of the hottest in 30+ years for the Corn Belt, according to forecasts from WeatherTrends360. 

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