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Evening Edition | Monday, August 22, 2022

In this Evening Edition, read about crop progress, August weather, and a shift in hog farming.

Crop Progress

In the USDA's latest Crop Progress Report, data shows that 97% of corn is silking, slightly behind the five-year average of 99%.

For soybeans, 97% of the soybean crop has bloomed, which is on track with the five-year average.

In the top 18 corn growing states, crop condition was rated 55% good/excellent, a 2% drop from last week. Soybean crop condition was rated 57% good/excellent.

XtremeAg farmers Kelly Garrett and Kevin Matthews hope to add yield with late season fertility applications, while Matt Miles continues corn harvest.

Garrett, a corn and soybean farmer in Iowa, says, "Last year we started harvesting our desiccated soybeans immediately after Labor Day. It doesn’t look like we will be ready as early this year. I’m penciling harvest to start about September 12."

Matt Miles in Arkansas says, "There’s always next year! It looks like that may end up being our motto this year."

August Weather

Looking ahead to the final full week of August, week-ending August 27, temperatures will continue on much the same path trending near to, if not cooler than, normal for the Corn Belt.

Unfortunately, in the precipitation department, the outlook for any meaningful rainfall continues to look dim with precipitation trending below normal, according to data from WeatherTrends360.

Once again, precipitation will be spotty across the Corn Belt.

Hog Farming

In the space of a generation, U.S. hog production has transformed, even if the Midwest, with Iowa foremost, is still the leader, said a new USDA report.

There were half as many hog farms in the country in 2017 as there were in 1997, and the largest farms, often specialized operations, raised 93% of the pigs.

Per capita consumption of pork has been stable, so exports have become an important market. Nearly a quarter of the estimated 27.1 billion pounds of pork produced this year will be sold overseas.

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