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Evening Edition | Monday, September 26, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, catch up on news about low global grain stocks, Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn, and the quality of corn and soybean crops before harvest.

Global Grain Stocks

The world is heading toward the tightest grain inventories in years despite the resumption of exports from Ukraine, as the shipments are too few and harvests from other major crop producers are smaller than initially expected, according to grain supply and crop forecast data.

South Dakota corn grower Mark Gross expects to harvest as few as 20 bushels per acre on some fields this autumn, down more than 80% from the local average last year, after drought and fierce winds ravaged his land.

Find out what other factors are behind the low inventories in the U.S. and around the world.

Genetically Modified Corn

Farmers in the United States are urging their government to challenge a looming Mexican ban on genetically modified (GM) corn under a regional free trade agreement, warning of billions of dollars of economic damage to both countries.

A late 2020 decree by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would phase out GM corn and the herbicide glyphosate by 2024.

Click the link below to learn why there are still questions about whether such GM imports will be eliminated by 2024.

Crop Progress and Weather

Editor Cassidy Walter reports on USDA's latest progress data for corn, soybean, wheat, and more.

Corn and soybean harvest is behind the five-year average this week.

See the current crop conditions in the article and video below.

In the final week of September, week-ending Oct.1, autumn-like temperatures will continue, and this will be the eighth coldest end to September in 30+ years according to data from WeatherTrends360.

Read why Krissy Klinger with WeatherTrends360 says there will be favorable conditions for harvest season in the Corn Belt but also deepening drought across the western Plains.

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