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Evening Edition | Thursday, April 28, 2022

In this evening edition, read the latest about the dry winter wheat, rising meat prices, and the VanSingel Farms Retirement Auction.

Land Management

Editor Bill Spiegel writes about the dry winter wheat crop stretching across the Corn Belt, which is suffering due to stress.

"The Kansas wheat crop, recorded at a record 52 bushels per acre in 2021, could total a fraction of that this year unless rains fall on the crop soon. It's rated 36% poor to very poor, according to Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service. Another 38% is rated fair, and that rating could be generous."

Dust storms have been making headlines across the Midwest, especially South Dakota. It's easy to blame the winds, though how farmers are managing their land may be the real issue.

Nathan Jones, South Dakota's Natural Resources Conservation Service state soil scientist, shares some solutions to help keep the soil where it needs to be: on the ground.


Tractor Zoom's Ryan Roossnick writes about the upcoming VanSingel Farms Retirement Auction and the many pieces they have up for sale, as well as some history of the VanSingel brothers.

"There's a lot of equipment on this sale; 27 tractors, 6x6 army trucks, crawlers, pickups, irrigation pipe, tons of specialty equipment, and more. Also, I'd plan on getting there early."


Executives from the four major meatpacking plants told Congress they were not the cause of a 15% grocery price raise, and they did not receive a profit at the expense of consumers.

Meat prices have been rising due to a number of factors, from high demand, COVID-19 disruptions, rising feed costs, and the war in Ukraine, say the executives. 

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