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Evening Edition | Thursday, August 18, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read how Tesla’s disruption of the auto industry may shake up agriculture, keep up with the Iowa wind turbine investigation, and learn about what a new law signed this week may mean for manure digesters.

Tesla’s impact on agriculture

If you love cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles, it’s interesting to wonder what changes Tesla’s disruption will have on agriculture. At a recent speaking engagement to a group of foreign ag leaders, attorney Todd Janzen was asked to speculate about how Tesla might impact U.S. agriculture.

“Tesla, more than any other automotive manufacturer, has caused automotive manufacturers to rethink human transportation. The same trends are on their way in agriculture,” Janzen says in his latest column.

Iowa wind turbines

The Iowa Utilities Board is set to conclude its investigation into the disposal of old wind turbines now that a prominent blade stockpile has been removed and other state officials are monitoring the situation.

“In light of those circumstances that have occurred, staff will be recommending to the board that that docket be closed at this time,” Jon Tack, the IUB’s general counsel, told the three-member board this week.

A new article from Iowa Capital Dispatch has the latest.

new law and manure digesters

Manure digesters are among the best-known ways for feedlots and dairy farms to capture greenhouse gas emissions and, in some cases, sell biomethane as a fuel. The climate, healthcare, and tax law signed this week by President Biden offers a new incentive to the biogas industry at the same time that the environmental credentials of on-farm digesters are being questioned.

Under the climate, healthcare, and tax law signed by Biden on Tuesday, “qualified biogas properties” became eligible for an investment tax credit for renewable energy alongside solar and wind power.

Details are available in the latest coverage from Chuck Abbott.

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