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Evening Edition | Thursday, July 28, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about heat's affects on crops, broadband project funding, and grain shipments from Ukraine.

Extreme Heat

With triple-digit temperatures this summer, grain crop growers should understand how heat affects plants, says University of Missouri Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold.

Agronomists consider 86°F. the optimum temperature for corn and soybean growth.

Temperatures above 86°F. slow important reactions, including those involved in photosynthesis, reducing yield potential.

Broadband Funding

The USDA has awarded $401 million in grants and loans to 21 projects in 11 states, from Alaska to Texas, to provide residents and businesses with access to high-speed internet service, announced the Biden administration on Thursday.

The investments would benefit 31,000 individuals as well as businesses and schools, said Vilsack. 

Some $1.5 billion in loans and grants will be distributed during the ongoing third round of ReConnect awards, said Vilsack.

Ukrainian Grain Shipments

U.N. aid chief Martin Griffiths said on Thursday he was hopeful that the first shipment of grain from a Ukrainian Black Sea port could take place as early as Friday, but "crucial" details for the safe passage of vessels were still being worked out.

Shipping companies and the insurers that cover vessels need to be assured that the journey is secure with no threat of mines or attacks to both the ships and their crews. 

U.N. and Turkish monitors in Ukraine's Odesa port will then make sure that grain is loaded on to the ships, which will then leave "in the system of monitoring which we will establish" out of the Black Sea and into the world, Griffiths said.

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