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Evening Edition | Thursday, June 30, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about commodity markets, weather, and preparing for a zoning hearing.

Commodity Markets

The USDA released its June Acreage report today. Farmers have planted 400,000 more corn acres than initially planned, and 26 million less soybean acres. Market analyst Al Kluis shared his insight in this post report article.

Corn will become less important and sugarcane will become the dominant feedstock for making ethanol in the coming decade, said an agricultural outlook published jointly by the OECD and FAO on Wednesday. The report forecast a relatively slow growth rate for biofuels, averaging 0.6% a year worldwide, with growth in the United States constrained by declining gasoline consumption.

Read more in the latest article from Chuck Abbott.


The drought monitor update released today indicated expanding drought across much of the top 18 corn growing states.

Triple digit temperatures and little precipitation were reported across Texas last week. Exceptional drought, D4, spans much of central and west Texas covering 16% of the state. Almost 28% of Texas is suffering from extreme drought.

“The drought and the heat are creating problems across the board in Texas,” explains Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller. “It’s also impacting our grasslands and will have a large impact on cattle, poultry, and other livestock. Cotton, wheat, and sorghum are also reporting poor to very poor conditions. One of our big concerns in Texas is fire; we’ve had over a half million acres of farm and ranch land burn since the beginning of the year.”

The latest article from Natalina Sents Bausch has more detail on crop conditions in the Lone Star State.


Farmers and landowners can do a few things to improve their chances of obtaining the necessary county zoning approval for a new project. Attorney Brianna J. Schroeder offers four tips for farmers in her latest column.

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