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Evening Edition | Thursday, November 10, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about building soil carbon, the climate-smart commodities initiative, and status of machinery sales.

Soil Carbon

Raylene Nickel interviews Josh Lloyd, a farmer in Kansas, about his goal to build soil carbon.

The reason he aims to build carbon in the soil is to restore his farm’s soils to the natural productivity they possessed before being tilled by farmers.

Find out how Lloyd transformed his fields in the article linked below.


Editor Alex Gray reports on the agricultural equipment sales in the past month.

Combine harvest sales show double-digit gains in October in the United States, while tractor sales continue to fall.

For all the details, click the article below.

Gray also covers the news released about John Deere 7R series tractors.

The 7R has been updated with 50% larger hydraulic components in the steering system for increased steering capacity, increasing maneuverability for farmers using larger front tires or heavy front implements.

For availability information, read the article linked below.

Climate-Smart Commodities

Chuck Abbott reports on the comments made by two farm policy consultants about the climate-smart commodities initiative.

They say the Biden administration bypassed lawmakers when it tripled the size of its climate-smart commodities initiative and may face congressional investigations and stricter limits on USDA spending as a consequence.

Read on for how this will affect the farm bill due in 2023.

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