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Evening Edition | Thursday, November 3, 2022

In this Evening Edition, read about the ripple effects of low water on the Mississippi, fertilizer expansion, and drought-proofing a ranch.

Mississippi River

Farmers in the Midwest and the mid-South are paying the price for low water on the Mississippi River.

At the same time, the cost of transporting fertilizer upriver has increased, and neither situation is likely to change before late winter.

Read on to learn how the situation is affecting cash bids for corn and soybeans.


Nutrien Ltd., intends to follow through with plans to expand production capacity of potash and nitrogen, despite a sharp pullback in potash demand due to high prices, its chief executive said on Thursday.

The increase is to help address tight global supplies related to sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

Read about Nutrien's outlook on the global stocks in the article linked below.


You can’t make it rain on your ranch in the middle of a drought.

But you can put pastures and cattle in a better position to survive it, says Hugh Aljoe, director of producer relations for the Noble Research Institute ( 

Click the article below for Aljoe's formula for preemptive drought management.

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