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Evening Edition | Thursday, September 15, 2022

In this Evening Edition, read about the future of pending right-to-repair bills, challenges with Argentina's corn and wheat crops, and how to achieve feed efficiency for hogs.


Half a dozen right-to-repair bills are pending in Congress, including the Agricultural Right to Repair Act, sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat. 

None has seen action in the Senate Commerce or the House Energy and Commerce committees since being introduced.

Like other legislation, the right-to-repair bills would expire at the end of this year, when the two-year congressional session ends, unless there is agreement in the near term to speed a right-to-repair bill into law. 

Argentine corn and wheat

Argentina's main farming zones are facing the driest conditions in around 30 years, agricultural and weather experts said, raising fears about a new "great drought" and stalling planting of corn in the world's No. 3 exporter of the grain.

In Argentina, late September usually heralds the start of a wetter spring season, but an expected third straight La Nina weather pattern is expected to limit precipitation and affect the start of corn planting.

In addition, Argentine wheat farmers are starting to abandon some lots of wheat due to prolonged drought.

Wheat planting was completed months ago with harvesting expected to start in late October and November.

The Buenos Aires grains exchange said in a report that some "farmers have begun to give up harvestable area" of wheat due to the dry spell.

Feed efficiency

Getting the most gain out of each pound of feed is critical to every producer’s bottom line.

As feed costs rise, so does the economic impact of feed efficiency. 

However, what may be having a major impact on your feed efficiency isn’t the feed itself, but what’s happening at the gut level of the pig.

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