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Evening Edition | Thursday, September 22, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about the market forces behind future farmland sales, funding for rural broadband projects, and the status of the Missouri $40 million package of tax credits and low-interest loans for agriculture.

Future Farmland Sales

Dan Looker writes about the factors driving land sales.

Looker interviews Steve Bruere, president of Peoples Co., who says, "By summer, the economics of agriculture wasn’t the only factor; uncertainty about alternative investments, such as commercial real estate and the stock market, also contributed."

Find out why future farmland prices are strong, and how the interest rate hikes may spur a cool down.

Rural Broadband Projects

The Biden administration announced a half a billion dollars in grants and loans for high-speed internet projects in rural areas from Alaska to Alabama on Thursday, with more awards expected soon.

The 2021 infrastructure bill set aside billions of dollars for broadband access, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “We now have, genuinely, an opportunity to cover all of rural America.”

Find out if you'll see projects in your region funded to create better digital connections.

Missouri House and Senate Special Session

Missouri lawmakers are moving swiftly to complete the special session agenda set by Gov. Mike Parson, with both the House and Senate passing incentives for farms and rural businesses and the Senate finishing work on a tax cut.

While the Missouri House was able to muster just enough votes to pass the $40 million package of tax credits and low-interest loans intended to support agriculture, it fell short of the number needed for the bill to take effect with Parson’s signature.

Read what is included in the bill for biofuels, livestock producers, and specialty crop growers.

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