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Evening Edition | Tuesday, August 23, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, catch up on the news about lease renewals, transition to organic farming, and support for organic dairy farming.

Oral Lease Renewals

Editor Cassidy Walter reports on the September 1 automatic oral lease renewal date for South Dakota and Iowa.

In South Dakota, oral leases automatically renew on September 1 while written leases follow whatever termination date is written into the lease.

In Iowa, however, oral and written leases automatically renew on September 1.

Organic Transition Package

The Agriculture Department will spend $300 million on an initiative to help farmers transition to organic production and on “pinpointed” market development projects, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday.

It would be the single largest investment ever in organic agriculture by the USDA “and a big step in the right direction,” said the Organic Trade Association.

However, the number of farms actively transitioning to organic production has dropped by nearly 71% since 2008 despite a handful of USDA programs to assist producers.

Support for Organic Dairy Farming

Organic agriculture groups challenged Danone North America on Monday to match the USDA commitment to support organic dairy farming in the Northeast.

Danone, owner of the dairy brand Horizon Organic, offered last December to extend contracts with farmers for an additional six months, in addition to other support.

“To date, all farms were offered the contract extension, very few farmers say they have received their severance payments and Danone still has not made any financial investment in the region’s organic dairy industry,” said the farm groups.

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