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Evening Edition | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, learn how to defend your farm against corn rootworm, read about the driverless autonomous Case IH spreader, and find out how margin protection provides coverage for your crops.

Corn Rootworm

Editor Chelsea Dinterman reports a lack of significant weather events and a rising number of farmers committing to corn-on-corn acres may have led to corn rootworm population growth.

Continually collecting data in fields is a farmer’s top defense against corn rootworm.

“From a core rootworm pressure standpoint, knowing and understanding the problem at hand is the key,” says Travis Coffman, Bayer Crop Science traits marketing manager for corn and regional crops. “Then there are a lot of solutions or practices you can implement.”

With no rescue treatments available, farmers should diligently plan for rootworm pressure before the growing season begins.

Case IH and Raven Collaboration

Editor Alex Gray covers the debut of the Case IH Trident 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy technology, the agriculture industry’s first autonomous spreader.

The guidance and steering, propulsion control, perception, and path planning software in the applicator is all run off software developed by Raven.

Operators will be able to plan and complete an entire operation based on mapped field boundaries, all from a mobile device.

Margin Protection

Margin Protection for the ’23 crop provides coverage against an unexpected decrease in operating margin (revenue minus select variable input costs).

It is an area-based plan, using both expected and final county yields along with nationally indexed variable input costs.

An indemnity payment may be made when the harvest margin falls below the trigger margin due to a decrease in revenue and/or an increase in those input costs. Margin Protection coverage is typically an add-on product to a Revenue Protection or Yield Protection base policy.

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