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Evening Edition | Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In this Evening Edition, read about trade with China, eminent domain for carbon pipelines, and manufacturing for the autonomous Monarch tractor.

Trade with China

China was far and away the top customer for U.S. food and ag exports, despite rising tensions between the nations and the still-unresolved trade war, according to government data released on Monday.

Agricultural economist David Widmar said China was on track to break the record it set last year for purchases of American agricultural products.

Halfway into the year, China was more than $2 billion ahead of Canada or Mexico in purchases of U.S. ag exports.

Carbon Pipelines in Iowa

Summit Carbon Solutions on Monday submitted its first lists of properties for which it would seek eminent domain if landowners continue to oppose its pipeline plans, according to state regulatory filings.

The Summit project has the potential to traverse about a third of Iowa’s counties.

On Monday, the company listed land parcels in four of them — Chickasaw, Greene, Plymouth and Pottawattamie — that might be subject to eminent domain.

Monarch Tractor Manufacturing

Editor Alex Gray covers the manufacturing agreement secured by Foxconn and Monarch Tractor.

Foxconn will begin full-rate production of equipment and battery packs for Monarch Tractor’s autonomous MK-V series at the Foxconn Ohio facility in the first quarter of 2023.

Production of the MK-V series in Ohio will follow the production of Monarch’s Founder Series in the fourth quarter of 2022 at Monarch’s Livermore, California manufacturing facility.

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