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Evening Edition | Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tonight in the Evening Edition, catch up on the latest news about livestock marketing reform, hotter weather ahead, and falling pork exports.

Heat Index

The XtremeAg team is focused on the hotter weather across the country.

Chad Henderson in Alabama says, "We are concerned about the heat index for this week as it is forecasted to be 102°-105° F. That's really bad timing for a heat wave as we have corn that is pollinating this week."

Meanwhile, Lee Lubbers looks forward to warmer temperatures for his pale corn crop in South Dakota.

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf reports on keeping livestock cool and stress-free during this critical season.

Hogs are more susceptible to the effects of heat stress than other farm animals, Ostendorf writes.

They produce a lot of metabolic heat — the internal heat an animal produces from feeding and growing — and do not have sweat glands to aid in cooling off.

Livestock Marketing Reform

The House will vote as early as Tuesday on legislation to create a USDA special investigator to enforce fair-play laws in the meat industry despite last-ditch Republican efforts to quash the proposal.

The White House announced its support on Monday for the package, which would also allow summertime sale of E15 and help farmers adopt so-called precision agriculture technology for more efficient use of seed, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Chuck Abbot writes that if approved, the special investigator’s office would be the biggest livestock marketing reform to advance in Congress this year.

Pork Exports

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) reported that April exports of pork have remained below their totals from last year. 

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf reports that export value is down 18% and volume is down 20%, which NPPC attributes to the sharp decline in demand from China.

U.S. shipments of pork to Mexico remain on a record pace – value up 11% and volume up 25%.

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