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Evening Edition | Tuesday, May 24, 2022

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about spray boom production, the partnership to expand U.S. economic leadership, and risks to farmers in the fields of Ukraine.

Expanding U.S. Economic Leadership

The United States and a dozen nations, from Japan in the north to Australia in the south, launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) on Monday.

“The future of the 21st-century economy is going to be largely written in the Indo-Pacific — in our region,” said President Biden in Tokyo.

U.S. farm groups said they expected IPEF to remove barriers to agricultural exports.

Spray Boom Production

Editor Alex Gray reports on the recent acquisition by CNH Industrial for manufacturing of aluminum spray booms.

CNH Industrial has acquired Specialty Enterprises, the largest manufacturer of aluminum spray booms for agricultural applications in North America.

Specialty operates one manufacturing facility in Wautoma, Wisconsin, and has been a supplier to Case IH since 2020.

Risks to Farmers in Ukraine

Iurii Mykhailov, an agricultural journalist in Ukraine and a contributor to Successful Farming, reports that a tractor operator near Chernihiv hit a Russian TM-62M anti-tank mine during field work.

The tractor operator was taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died from his injuries.

Because mines are masked, making it impossible to tell if fields are mined without special equipment, some producers set the safety of their employees as a high priority and decided not to cultivate potentially dangerous fields. Unfortunately, other producers were willing to take that risk.

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