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Evening Edition | Tuesday, October 11, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, catch up on Proposition 12 news, seeding winter wheat, and a court victory for landowners against pipeline surveys.

California's Proposition 12

Justices scheduled oral arguments on California’s Proposition 12 for Tuesday morning. A decision could be months away.

Passed by a 3-2 margin in a 2018 statewide referendum, Proposition 12 requires California farmers to give more room to sows and egg-laying hens. It also bars the sale of eggs and pork produced on farms outside the state that do not match California’s standards.

Read about the national impact in the article linked below.

Winter Wheat Planting

XtremeAg farmers Chad Henderson and Lee Lubbers waste no time preparing their ground and seeding winter wheat behind the combines.

Lee Lubbers says, "Fall harvest and wheat seeding have officially started. We’ve been very dry this season and it shows on the soybean crop. There's a lot of variability in yield, even in the same pass, due to soil types and how it could hold moisture a little bit longer."

Find out how Chad Henderson's soybean harvest is going in the article below.

Iowa Landowners' Pipeline Victory

A Woodbury County landowner was successful in fending off — at least for now — a pipeline company’s attempt to get access to her farm for a land survey.

Vicki Hulse, who owns a 151-acre farm with her husband Bill, was among the landowners sued by Navigator CO2 Ventures, said she hopes a judge’s recent decision is the first of many victories.

Read on to learn more about the Hulse farm and more details about the recent ruling in the article below.

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