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Evening Edition | Tuesday, October 4, 2022

In this Evening Edition, get caught up on harvest progress, relay cropping, and fire danger in Iowa.

Harvest Progress

Editor Natalina Sents Bausch reports on harvest in Tennessee. Farmers in The Volunteer State made more harvest progress than any other top corn growing state, with a surge of 22%. 

In total, 64% of the state’s corn crop is out of the field. The five-year average for this time of year is 67%.

Find out about the state's soybean harvest in the link below.

Sents Bausch also covers harvest data from North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

These three states are significantly behind the five-year average for this point in the growing season.

Read about these states' suitable days for fieldwork and current crop conditions.

Relay Cropping

Relay cropping soybeans and cereal rye potentially doubles net profit per acre over monocrop soybeans and improves soil structure to boot, according to on-farm trial results in northeastern Iowa.

In the relay-cropped fields in the trials, farmers planted cereal rye in early to mid-fall after harvesting a small grains crop or corn for silage. They planted soybeans into the rye stand in April, when the rye was about 10 inches tall. They harvested the rye for grain in mid- to late July.

Learn more about relay cropping in the article linked below.

Fire Danger in Iowa

There was almost no rainfall in Iowa this past week, and the risk of fires associated with harvest are elevated in the western part of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

“Though portions of northern Iowa received its first widespread freeze last week, drier and warmer conditions are expected to persist for the foreseeable future and farmers should remain vigilant about combine and field fire risks,” said Mike Naig, the state’s secretary of agriculture.

Learn about the dangers during harvest and three fires in the state so far.

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