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Evening Edition | Tuesday, September 6, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about crop progress from the XtremeAg team and the USDA report and prepare your harvest and marketing plans.

Crop Progress Across the Country

The XtremeAg team checks in with an update this week from Iowa, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

Kelly Garrett and Kevin Matthews begin desiccating their soybeans as Matt Miles begins harvesting rice.

Kelly Garrett, farmer in Iowa says, "We started desiccating our soybeans this week. After last year’s results, desiccation is now part of our standard practice. It really allows us to control the harvest window, while increasing combine speed."

The USDA released its Crop Progress report Tuesday afternoon.

As of September 4, 92% of the U.S. corn crop has reached the dough stage, just shy of the five-year average of 93%. In the top 18 corn growing states, crop condition was rated 54% good/excellent, reflecting no change from last week.

The report notes soybeans setting pods are at 94% across the top 18 soybean growing states.

Soybean crop condition was rated 57% good/excellent for the third week in a row.

Prepare for Harvest and Market Changes

Editor Chelsea Dinterman reports on the yield variability that will be prevalent across the Midwest this harvest season.

In this article, read about current disease and pest pressure, nutrient deficiencies, and making a harvest plan.

"Now is the time to scout fields and make plans for harvest. Variability from field to field means harvest may come quicker than expected," says Matt Nelson, a Channel technical agronomist.

"From a grain marketing perspective, September is often a key change-of-trend month," writes Al Kluis of Kluis Commodity Advisors.

In September, Kluis recommends focusing on three factors for your marketing plans.

They are: Review when the corn and soybean markets put in the high for the year, watch the September-to-December corn spread and the September-to-November soybean spread, and Record the closing price on the last business day of August.

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