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Evening Edition | Wednesday, April 27, 2022

In this evening edition, read the latest about the shortage of late-model planters, planting delays, and cattle market news.


Editor Dave Mowitz covers the shortage of late-model planters this year.

He writes, “If you are looking to pick up a planter before the season starts, be prepared to pay a price premium, have to search for a replacement far from home, or work with your dealer to have that planter shipped to you.”


Editor Chelsea Dinterman reports on planting conditions and how to get optimal yield this year even if you’re delayed getting into the fields.

Andrew Penney, a technical agronomist for DeKalb Asgrow, shares several tips, like choosing products with early-season vigor, adjusting plant population, and more.


A band of senators from the Midwest and northern Plains, with the best chance in years to inject transparency into the consolidated cattle market, pressed on Tuesday for a federal mandate for meatpackers to buy more cattle for cash, rather than through obscure formulas.

However, the largest group representing producers, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, announced its opposition to mandatory cash purchases as an infringement of the right to pursue profits.

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf covers the partnership between Elanco Animal Health and Royal DSM.

The two companies are developing a first-of-its-kind feed additive, called Bovaer, to reduce methane emissions of beef and dairy cattle. Bovaer has been demonstrated to reduce methane emissions by 22% to 35% for dairy cattle and up to 80% for beef cattle.

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