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Evening Edition | Wednesday, August 10, 2022

In this Evening Edition, catch up on the news about off-target dicamba injury, drought strategies on cattle ranches, and the "Grain Initiative" for Ukraine.

Dicamba Injury in Soybeans

Editor Megan Schilling covers off-target dicamba movement in the Midwest.

This summer, there are reports of widespread damage to soybeans in southern Illinois and complaints of pesticide misuse that specifically mention damage to trees. The signs are cupping in soybean leaves and bare trees in July and August.

Unfortunately, managing off-target movement is beyond a farmer’s control. But there are some strategies to take for recovery.

Coping with Drought on the Ranch

There’s a saying in cattle country: You’re either in a drought, coming out of a drought, or about to go into one. Dry weather is never far away.

Gene Johnston has collected nine tips from three ranchers who have learned to cope with drought.

One of those is to make a plan early. David Clawson, Clawson Ranch Partnership, recommends this tip in order to avoid the stress that comes from not knowing what steps to take when facing a drought.

"Grain Initiative" for Ukraine

Ukrainian ag journalist, Iruii Mykhylov, writes about the 120-day "Grain Initiative" signed on July 22.

Unblocking the ports of Big Odesa is a significant relief for the Ukrainian economy, but this is not enough to export all the necessary stocks of grain.

Taking into account the export by rail and road transport, Ukraine will be able to export at least 5 million tons of grain per month in order to export the stocks of last year's harvest.

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