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Evening Edition | Wednesday, August 31, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, learn the differences between traditional duals and super wide tires, how planting soybeans early leads to yield gains, and why Scoular grain facilities are getting upgrades.

Super Wide Tires

New super single tires can dramatically improve flotation in the field.

Greater flotation and reduced soil compaction are one of the main features that these unique tires offer.

However, whether you call them super singles, super wide tires, or LSW, there are also places and situations in which the wide-profile options fall short of the benefits provided by traditional duals.

Early Soybeans

Editor Chelsea Dinterman reports on the advantages of planting soybeans early, and yield is one of them.

However, greater yield isn’t the only benefit.

The resiliency of soybeans can allow farmers to better manage their time around planting.

Grain Facilities Upgrades

To boost unloading speeds and expand storage capacity for farmers, two Scoular grain handling facilities in Kansas have received major upgrades.

An increase in yield and robust demand for corn, wheat, and other grains drove the upgrades at both facilities.

These facilities are part of Scoular's grain handling network that includes over 50 locations in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

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