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Evening Edition | Wednesday, November 16, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about the challenges in rural America, payments to Iowa landowners by Summit Carbon Solutions, and a meat-labeling lawsuit.

Rural America

For the first time, more than one in five rural Americans is over the age of 65, said the Agriculture Department on Tuesday, and rural America is aging more rapidly than the rest of the country. 

Chuck Abbot reports that while the rural workforce is shrinking in number, it is becoming more racially diverse.

Read about the four largest industries by rural employment and how an aging rural America will change labor demands.

Ten Missouri hospitals have closed since 2012, reports the Missouri Independent.

Scotland County Hospital is facing dire financial challenges, much like many rural hospitals around the country.

Click the article below to learn what the future holds for this small-town hospital.

Summit Carbon Solutions

One of three companies that plans to build a carbon dioxide pipeline in Iowa has paid landowners about $200 million to build on their properties, and the company won’t get that money back if the plan fails.

The Iowa Capital Dispatch reports on Summit Carbon Solutions' plan to install equipment at more than 30 ethanol plants to capture carbon dioxide and pump it deep into the ground in North Dakota.

To learn about potential holdups, click the article linked below.

Food Labeling

Hormel Foods' labeling of a meat product line as "natural" despite using the same hogs and production methods as its other brands shows the U.S. meat labeling system needs reforms, said consumer advocates and documents released on Tuesday from a lawsuit the company is close to settling.

Hormel said the company complies with USDA rules and guidelines for labeling and that it stands behind its Natural Choice products.

Click the article below for more about the "natural" label and what it means to consumers and the food industry.

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