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Evening Edition | Wednesday, October 26, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read about the six states that have harvested more than 75% of corn, the RIPE100 stewardship program, and a cattle operation fined in Iowa.

Corn Harvest

Editor Natalina Sents Bausch reports on the states with less than 25% of corn harvest to go.

Those include North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, and Missouri.

Read the comments from farmers about the progress thus far.

Stewardship Program

Editor Megan Schilling reports on the RIPE100 program and its pilot that would pay $100 per acre or animal unit, plus implementation costs.

Rural Investment to Protect our Environment is an organization that aims to advocate for climate policy and farmers' bottom lines.

Read about the program's farm bill platform in the article linked below.

Iowa Cattle Farm

A central Iowa cattle confinement's outdoor stockpile of manure was repeatedly washed by rain into a nearby creek over the course of about a year, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

PSL Cattle began operating southeast of Grinnell in 2017 with a total capacity of about 1,900 cattle, DNR records show.

Read the history of the case in the article linked below.

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