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Evening Edition | Wednesday, September 21, 2022

In tonight's Evening Edition, read how to implement cover crops on leased land, the debate about climate change funding in the farm bill, and the Missouri Supreme Court case on CAFO regulations.

Cover Crops on Leased Land

As manager and co-owner of Jacob Farms near Sedgwick, Kansas, Ryan Speer oversees operations on 6,000 acres of rented cropland.

Speer maintains a soil-building strategy dependent upon no-till and permanent soil cover. He does this by growing diverse cash crops, double cropping, and planting cover crops.

Find out how Speer works with landowners to implement cover crops and reap the benefits.

Climate Funding in the Farm Bill

As lawmakers begin envisioning the next farm bill, some U.S. House Republicans are wary of making climate change a priority for farmers and ranchers.

The pushback from Republicans at a Tuesday hearing came as the Biden administration has tried to make significant new investments in climate change mitigation on farmland, last week announcing 70 pilot projects to support climate-friendly food production.

Read about the debate in the article below.

Missouri Supreme Court CAFOs Case

The Missouri Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case about regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations.

The court will weigh whether a state law prohibiting local governments from enacting regulations on CAFOs that differ, at all, from state rules violates the Missouri Constitution.

Learn the arguments from both sides of the issue in this article.

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