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Farm Bill Sign-Up Is Weeks Away, Says USDA’s Censky

The USDA will move “just as quickly and prudently as we can” in implementing the 2018 farm policy law, but it is weeks away from a sign-up period for farm supports, said Deputy Agriculture Secretary Steve Censky on Tuesday.

“I’ll be able to tell you more in a couple of weeks,” Censky said when asked about sign-up. The 2018 law gives farmers the first chance in five years to switch between ARC and PLC, with analysts expecting corn, soybean, and wheat growers to enroll heavily in PLC because it offers better protection against low crop prices.

“We’re going to be moving just as quickly and prudently as we can to implement it,” said Censky at a Farm Foundation forum on putting the new law into action. Top priorities for action, he said, include the new dairy subsidy, which took effect on January 1; ARC; PLC; land stewardship; and trade promotion programs.

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