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FarmlandFinder relaunches to exclusively offer sale-leaseback

FarmlandFinder, the first online sale-leaseback platform for farm ground, has been relaunched by EasyKnock with a focus on helping farmers achieve their goals. 

Based in Iowa, FarmlandFinder originally launched the program in 2016. EasyKnock purchased assets of the company in August 2021.

The new edition of FarmlandFinder exclusively offers sale-leasebacks to farmers and can help achieve goals such as strengthening balance sheets, funding operations, eliminating debt, and buying more land.

This tool allows farmers to access the equity in their land by buying it from the farmer and renting it back to them, allowing for uninterrupted operations. Land can be purchased back at any point during the lease, or farmers can ask FarmlandFinder to sell the land to a third party. 

U.S. farms are also facing the highest production costs in history with an estimated 5.1% increase in 2022, according to the USDA’s February Farm Income Forecast. The USDA expects farm income to fall by about 8% compared with 2021. 

“As a fifth-generation dairy farmer, I have seen firsthand the difficult situations created when farmers are unable to access their land’s equity. We are proud to launch this program that I know will be a welcome solution for many U.S. farmers,” says Steven Brockshus, FarmlandFinder’s founder and current VP of EasyKnock.

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