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FarmlandFinder Releases Report on Iowa Land for Sale

FarmlandFinder has released its report, “Iowa Land for Sale - May 2018.” 

Below is a list of the 10 counties with the most land for sale.

  1. Decatur County: 5,531 acres
  2. Lucas County: 4,845 acres
  3. Clarke County: 3,360 acres
  4. Appanoose County: 2,879 acres
  5. Davis County: 2,656 acres
  6. Monroe County: 2,315 acres
  7. Taylor County: 1,895 acres
  8. Fremont County: 1,803 acres
  9. Lee County: 1,677 acres
  10. Ringgold County: 1,606 acres

Because land values are important for both buyers and sellers, the report also includes rankings by average listing price for the top 20 counties across Iowa.

“While there is no way to guess what property will sell for, the listing price is a good starting indicator for the strength of the current land market,” says FarmlandFinder’s Steven Brockhaus.

You can view the complete report by visiting

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