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    The latest high technology for the farm, what's happening on the machinery auction market, farm family business issues and theh latest big beef topics are just a few of the major features from the January 2014 issue of Successful Farming. Click through to see all the major features!

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    There's also a lot going on in other areas of ag technology, especially with seed. In the future, biotechnology will yield much more specific types of products to directly meet consumers' needs and wants, our futurist writes this month.

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    One area where seed technology continues to face challenges is with pest management. Here, editor Gil Gullickson covers some ways to manage herbicide- and trait-resistant corn rootworms.

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    But, pest control's just part of what makes up a healthy crop. Another is nutrient management, and that includes when you apply nitrogen to your corn fields. Here's new information on how adjusting your application times can yield big results.

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    And, depending on your location, strip-till may be a "corn savior" for your crop. Farmers in the northern Plains and Corn Belt see benefits like uniform emergence and heartier plant populations. See how else you can benefit.

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    On the opposite end of the moisture spectrum lies a common problem for irrigators using center pivot systems: Pivot wheel tracks. Check out this idea from a Nebraska farmer for taking care of the tracks that can make a smooth ride awfully bumpy.

  • 09

    Dry areas like these have been even drier than normal -- for the most part -- over the last couple of years. That's pared back pasture potential, some of it severely. Check out these ways to help them bounce back.

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    Turning to iron, in this month's Machinery Insider feature, Machinery Director Dave Mowitz checks out the trend of late-model harvesters flooding the farm machinery auction market lately. Is it time to snag a deal?

See some of the major features from the latest issue of Successful Farming!

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