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Your World In Agriculture offers market-impacting news from around the world. Guest contributors in Ukraine, China, Brazil, Canada and the U.S. will offer insights into the information you need to know from various parts of the grain marketing world.

Kevin Roepke, U.S. Grains Council-China, will help us stay abreast of China's insatiable appetite for U.S. soybeans. Iurii Mykhailov will keep the community informed about ongoing tumult in Ukraine and the nation's role in the global grain export sector. Luis Vieira will follow along with mammoth efforts to expand production and build grain transportation infrastructure in Brazil. And, Scott Shellady will tie circumstances like these together and show how they're influencing the grain trade in Chicago.

They represent areas around the world with major implications to the marketplace for U.S. grain and ag products. And, they're here to talk to you. Click through Your World in Agriculture and connect with these experts and others!


Iurii Mykhailov, Ag Economist Kiev, Ukraine

Iurii Mykhailov is editor-in-chief of Agribusiness-Ukraine, the nation's largest agribusiness and agriculture magazine. The ag economist and market analyst has worked in the Ukrainian ag media since 1995 after working in the sugar and industrial heating sectors. Mykhailov, who spent time working for the USDA Economic Research Service in 1996-1997, served as a Lieutenant and Platoon commander in the Soviet Army in the late 1970s.


Luis Vieira, Editor,, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Luis Vieira is a reporter and publisher of AgroSouth News based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In the last 5 years, Vieira's work, focused on grain production around South America, has been featured in Successful Farming, the New York Times, Washington Times and Fox News in addition to


Kevin Roepke, Global Trade Manager, U.S. Grains Council, Beijing, China

Kevin Roepke is the U.S. Grains Council director of trade development for China. In his job, the Iowa native works with trading partners around the world to foster better understanding of markets, risk management and freight contracting. Roepke is currently working with other U.S. trade officials in CHina to develop an market information reporting program that will cover both domestic production and the import/export market for China.


Scott Shellady, Floor Trader/Options Specialist, Trean Group, Chicago

Scott Shellady is a pretty widely recognized figure around the trading floors at the CME Group in Chicago. His Holstein-print jacket -- something that's deep within his family's trading and agricultural roots -- makes it tough to miss the longtime options speclialist and ag broker. In addition to his work in the options pit in Chicago, Shellady contributes a daily commentary in Marketing Talk on





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