Grains seesaw, farm bill stalls, Christmas nears

  • 01

    It's been another week of major ups and downs, first sparked by last week's USDA reports, then moved along by supply and demand speculation this week. Follow along for more on that and other big stories in ag this week.

  • 02

    Last week's reports and this week's seesawing prices have market-watchers asking a critical question: What will come first, $9 corn or $14 soybeans? Most farmers say the latter's more likely first. What do you think?

  • 03

    But, at least for the soybean trade, the number of variables making up that potential price point is arguably the largest it's ever been. One floor trader laid out these factors and how he sees them developing this week.

  • 04

    Closer to the farm level, there were reports this week that corn in storage could be subject to losing quality and developing disease, especially where the weather's been warmer than normal. Is your grain at risk?

  • 05

    If you're a cattle producer and were feeling the heat of rocketing feed costs on account of the drought, there's evidence this week that you're not alone. These conditions have led to much higher per-head weights and higher value of gain, one economist says.

  • 06

    The farm bill's been a 4-letter word this week, as ag group leaders called on lawmakers to get to work on the bill whose future is in doubt after a lack of action by leaders in Congress.

  • 07

    While policy and marketing issues took center-stage this week, it's also about time to start making another set of important decisions: What to buy the farmer in your life for Christmas! See all our editors' picks for this year's gifts!

  • 08

    Is a winter vacation on your Christmas list? If so, check out these ideas on how to 'take an aggie vacation this winter,' from a quick trip to Kansas City to a longer jaunt to Brazil. What's on your list of winter travel destinations?

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