Harvest Rolls; Cattle Prices Shatter Records

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    Soybean harvest is moving along quicker than corn harvest, but both remain behind the average pace despite a solid harvest weather window in the last week. Now, soybeans might become the revenue leader this year. See what else is big in agriculture this week.

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    Corn harvest is almost to the halfway point in what some farmers are starting to say will be a "long fall," while soybean harvest continues to progress closer to the average pace, according to Monday's USDA-NASS Crop Progress report.

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    "We've rallied $1 or more in soybeans and $.50 or more in corn since October began - a great performance by the grains considering harvest yields have been impressive, especially in the southern half of the U.S.," one analyst says this week, adding there could be some selling opportunities in the cards soon.

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    What about the "Dead Cat Bounce" this year? Roy Smith says it's been fairly strong this year, though earlier than normal. Does that mean the steam's all been taken out of the bean market? Not yet, he says. See where Roy sees it going as harvest nears its close.

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    Even if the Dead Cat Bounce doesn't stick around much longer this fall, that doesn't mean your marketing opportunities are over for the winter. "As farmer selling slows, and the importance of Southern Hemisphere weather increases, prices do have a tendency to work higher into the midwinter months," one analyst says. What are your marketing plans?

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    One factor that could influence the prices you net from sales -- not to mention what you plant next spring -- is a soybean sector that continues to outpace corn in the overall crop revenue picture. New data out this week show soybeans, thought to be the revenue leader for 2015, could wind up leading the pack well before next year. Will you plant more soybeans as a result?

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    Or, is another crop altogether starting to catch your eye? Sorghum's started to become a more attractive option even in areas where it's typically not normally in the crop mix. The market's strong and demand seems stronger. So, are you looking at sorghum?

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    But, there's even more bullish news from the livestock sector; the cattle market's booming and though the cattle cycle would normally signal a shift to lower prices soon, one economist says this week that the upswing's likely to continue through the next few months or later. Are you adding more cattle?

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    And, despite a downturn in many locations as it tracks the grain markets, the farmland market continues to be a place investors see as a relatively safe investment. So, there's still life in a market many thought to be on its way to life support, one land broker says. What do you think?

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    But, underpinning all the grain and livestock markets is a key question: Are we nearing the ceiling for corn and soybean yields in the Midwest? Or, will disease and other factors continue to keep a ceiling near where it is now? What do you think?

Soybean harvest continues to lead corn & the farmland market's still active.

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